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Yuji Itoh

 Born in Nagoya (Japan) in 1956, He completed post-graduate studies in composition and conducting at Tokyo Gakugei University.

 At University, he studied composition with Sessyu Kai, Electro-Acoustic music with Satoshi Sumitani, and studied conducting with Eiichi Itoh. At the same time, he attended workshops held at composer Jo Kondo’s house over a year and learned a great deal.

 He was the member of the composers group “Group For” till 1991.

 His works have been played in many cities around the world, for example, Bourges (Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Festival), Linz (Linz Ars Electronica), Salzburg (ASPEKTE International Festival fur Musik unserer Zeit), Trier (OPENING 14,15,16), Senigallia (MUSICA NUOVA Festival), in Roma, Paris, New York, Köln, Bern, Dublin, Bucharest, Istanbul, Den Haag, Cairo etc.

 He produced and supervised many concerts such as

"4 Days of Concert and Symposium – Contemporary Music from Switzerland" (Tokyo)

A Guide to Better Appreciation of 20th-century Music”(12 concerts in 4years,given by Kodaira City, Tokyo.) “Hommage a Breccia” (24 composers’ works with P.A.Breccia’s painting, Tokyo and Kobe, Japan) ,etc.

 In 2004, he established the project office “nothing but music” with the pianist Satoko Inoue.

In 2008, “nothing but music” started the new concert series named “MUSIC DOCUMENTS” that realizes 3 concerts in every year, and now, it’s continuing.

He awarded the 2nd prize of “Antonio Manoni prize” (2004,Senigallia: Italy )with his work “A Words in Silence”(for organ and saxophone.) (It is the only competition that he has ever applied.)

Also in 2004, he became a member of the jury for "international Composer Competition Città di Udine."


Yuji Itoh is a Director of
  "nothing but music"

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