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4 Days of Concert and Symposium

Contemporary Music from Switzerland

28 May 2014


Olivier Darbellay (Horn)

Noëlle-Anne Darbellay (violin)

Goethe-Institut Tokyo, OAG Hall

Max E. Keller : Il filo for violin and horn (2009)

Stefan Wirth : Lunules électriques for violin and horn

Markus Hofer : The monkey picks up my lice for violin, voice and horn

 text:Guy Krneta

Satoshi Tanaka : 残 照 Ⅱ  Afterglow Ⅱ (2014)

Yoriaki Matsudaira : Aesthetics with Tanka  for violin and voice

Masamichi Kinoshita : 真実における灰 II for horn and violin

Jean-Luc Darbellay : Ori for violin and horn

29 May 2014

ORION Ensemble

Pierre-André Bovey (fl.) Kristin Wassmer(Basset-Hr..) Olivier Darbellay (Hr.) Noëlle-Anne Darbellay (vn.) Hans Eugen Frischknecht (p.f.) Max E. Keller(p.f.)

Guest players / Harue Sugai (fl) Satoko Inoue(pf)

Goethe-Institut Tokyo, OAG Hall


Pierre-André Bovey : Karakusa   for flute, violin and piano

Hans Eugen Frischknecht : 4 pieces for flute and piano

Heinz Holliger : Cynddaredd-Brenddwyd   for Horn

Jo Kondo : Strands Ⅲ  for violin and piano

Toshiya Watanabe : Between visible and invisible for basset-horn, horn and piano

Yuji Itoh:Piano 8 hands for flute, basset-horn, horn and piano

Yuka Shibuya : Traces of thirds for flute and piano

Max E. Keller : Stehender Klang Improvisationskonzept

30 May 2014

Satoko Inoue PianoRecital

Goethe-Institut Tokyo, OAG Hall


Willy Burkhard (1900-1955): Adagio (1943)

Pierre-André Bovey (1942- ): Quatre preludes (1992-1997)

Thüring Bräm (1944- ): Dix Préludes

Le pas s’est éloigné- le marcheur s’est tu (1998)

Pelayo F. Arrizabalaga (1949-): Preludio Cromático Preludio B (2012)

Max E. Keller (1947-   ): Me ricordo (2014)

Keitaro Takahashi (1986- ): 嶺谺(Ryouka) for Prepared Piano (2014)

Jean-Luc Darbellay (1946-) : Étoile for piano dedicated to Satoko Inoue (2014)

31 May 2014

Solo Pieces

Ryogoku Monten Hall (Tokyo)


Pierre-André Bovey (fl.) Kristin Wassmer(Basset-Hr) Olivier Darbellay (Hr.) Noëlle-Anne Darbellay (vn.)

Hans Eugen Frischknecht (p.f.) Max E. Keller(p.f.)


Hans Eugen Frischknecht : FanSolSi   for horn

Ursula Gut : Mouchoirs   for violin

Max E. Leller : Miniatur   for flute

Jürg Wyttenbach : Trois chansons violées   pour violinist chantante

Pierre-AndrBovey : Enlil   for flute

Takashi Fujii:そは5月   for piano 4 hands

Yuji Itoh:Meletan   for piano

Jean-Luc Darbellay : Spectrum    for natural horn

Jean-Luc Darbellay : Incident Room for violin and voice / Text:Ken Edwards

Pierre-André Vincent : Au delà de l’é phmère........   for flute

Heinz Holliger : Cynddaredd-Brenddwyd   for horn

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