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Workshop, Concerts, Symposium 2018 - 2020

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   This three years project is managed by Yuji Itoh(composer), Satoko Inoue(pianist), Susumu Syono(musicologist) and Yaeko Kurosaki(director of Ryogoku-Monten Hall.)

   In Japan, there are very few halls in where the pianist can play – for example – John Cage’s “Sonata and Interlude” with its preparation without refusing by the hall (piano) manager.

In such a situation, Yaeko Kurosaki who is the director of Ryogoku-Monten Hall, a rare hall that the pianist can play with extended piano technics including “preparation” through the long years ’contribution by the pianist Satoko Inoue, gathered above 3 members and started this three years project supported by Arts Council Tokyo.

   Co-operating by the composer, pianist, musicologist and the hall director, we’ll try to researching the situation of the hall in Japan, researching the musical works with extended piano technics for making its archive, making the workshop series for understanding the extended piano technics, making symposium and finally we’ll try to make the new protocol around the performance of extended piano technics and managing the piano, that can be shared by all the person in musical scene.

   In this project, “nothing but music”(Yuji Itoh and Satoko Inoue) is mainly in charge of the workshop series.

Experiments of piano music 

for handing down to the future 

In this project, Satoko Inoue and Yuji Itoh have commissioned 21 Japanese composers to write a piece on the condition that they use extended piano techniques, and  organized  three-days concert for performing all 21 pieces.

Produced by  Satoko Inoue, Yuji Ito