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Hiroko Urabe (Sop.) 

Meeting with Contemporary Music


Hiroko Urabe (Soprano)

Satoko Inoue (piano)


Oct. 29, 2023
Tokyo Opera - City Recital Hall



Jo Kondo : Six Poems of Mokichi Saito (2000)

Yuji Itoh : Three Poems by Leland Bardwell (verion for soprano and piano)
                                                                                         ~world premiere

Takeo Hoshiya : New piece for soprano and piano  ~world premiere
Taizo Hida : Three short pieces for Piano (2023)  ~world premiere

Akira Ito :  Plan B (for piano)  ~world premiere
Yuka Shibuya : Words from Memory

1. children and picture books (2014)

2. on the shore (2019)



3000yen,  2500yen (student),  3500yen (DOS)


Tokyo Opera-city ticket Centre 03-5353-9999

 ConfettiTel ; 0120-240-540 (10:00 - 18:00 weekday only)


nothing but music Tel ; 04-2926-1039  Fax ; 04-2926-8009 

Mail ;

nothing but music

卜部 カンフェッティ販売ページ.png

#33 Hauke Harder

His 'Just intonation' Piano Work

2 June. 2023

Starts at 18:45

Tokyo Concerts Lab.


Normal tuning : Star Nr.74 (2001), Eighty-Eight (2013) , För den Hansen (2002) 

Just intonation tuning : One by One for piano in just intonation (2005/2007)

Piano Satoko Inoue


nothing but music

Satoko Inoue Piano Recital #32

5 Mar. 2023

Tokyo Opera-city Recital Hall

program : solo piano pieces of Morton Feldman, Linda Catlin Smith, Yuji Itoh


nothing but music


Satoshi Tanaka

Works for Piano


Satoko Inoue (piano)


Oct. 21, 2022
Tokyo Concerts Lab.

20220707-3 裏ol.jpg

nothing but music

Satoko Inoue Piano Recital #31

Piano works of Takeo Hoshiya & Takahiro Kuroda


6 Mar. 2022 / Tokyo Operacity Recital Hall

nothing but music

3 Days of Concerts

21 Composes’ 21 Commissioned Works
with Extended Piano Techniques


Jan. 17, 23, 24, 2021
Ryogoku Monten Hall, Tokyo

including Yuji Itoh's piece "The Forest of Echo"

for piano with simultaneous "preparation" and three small speakers

nothing but music

Satoko Inoue Piano Recital #30

Piano works of Jo Kondo

7 Mar. 2021 / Tokyo Operacity Recital Hall


nothing but music

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