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Completed Projects

Lafcadio Hearn project  (2017)

Lafcadio Hearn Project organized by "nothing but music"  was a part of the official project of "60th Anniversary of of Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Ireland.


Each Irish and Japanese composer chose their text of Lafcadio Hearn, and composed for it.

The concerts were held in both Japan and Ireland, in the form of reading the text with the performance of that Music.

Composers: John McLachlan, Paul Hayes, Yuji Itoh, Akemi Naitoh

Pianist: Satoko Inoue  Reading:John McLachlan (English)  Keiko Ibaraki (Japanese)

The concerts held as  "Satoko Inoue Piano recital." 

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4 Days of Concert and Symposium

Contemporary Music from Switzerland  (2014)

2014 was the important anniversary year of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan. We "nothing but music" organized 4 days project of the concerts and symposium to introduce Swiss contemporary music works to the audience in Japan, by inviting Swiss composers and players.

Invited composers and players

Jean-Luc Darbellay (composer,moderation), 

Noëlle-Anne Darbellay, violin and voice, Pierre-André Bovey, flute (also the composer)

Elsbeth Darbellay, bassethorn, Olivier Darbellay, horn, Hans Eugen Frischknecht, piano (also the composer), Max E. Keller, piano (also composer)

Hommage a Breccia (2003)

In 2003, Italian composer David Macculi organized the project "Hommage à Breccia" inviting 24 composers' works of 7 countries. Each composer chose a painting of Pier August Breccia ( who has in good contact with David, and composed the piece for it. In the concert, each painting had projected on to the screen, and the piece was performed by piano, flute and violin. This project was realized in Italy, Japan, Swiss and Germany. In Japan, Yuji Itoh – nothing but music - organized 2 concerts in Tokyo and Kobe. (piano : Satoko Inoue)


This series of “concerts and the lectures” was held from 1995 to 1999,

planned by the cultural promotion foundation of Kodaira city, Tokyo.

"nothng but music" = Yuji Itoh and Satoko Inoue had done the whole work,

from making all the contents to directing all the performances.

A Guide to Better Appreciation of 20th-century Music
(1995 - 1999)

4 Days of
Completed projects
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