Lafcadio Hearn project   & Music Documents

in Japan

Each Irish and Japanese composer chose their text of Lafcadio Hearn, and composed for it.

The concerts will be held in both Japan and Ireland, in the form of reading the text with the performance of that Music.

Composers: John McLachlan, Paul Hayes, Yuji Itoh, Akemi Naitoh

Pianist: Satoko Inoue  Reading:John McLachlan (English)  Keiko Ibaraki (Japanese)

The concerts held as  "Satoko Inoue Piano recital."          


This project is a part of the official project of "60th Anniversary of of Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and reland.

3 Oct. 2017 / Kitahori Museum / Matsue, Japan

Special Thanks : Bon Koizumi, Syoko Koizumi and Yayoi Otawa

Photos by Yuji Itoh

 1 Oct. 2017 / Ryogoku-Monten Hall / Tokyo, Japan

Composer's Talk by John McLachlan

30 Sep. 2017 / Duchesne Room - Seishin International school / Tokyo, Ireland

 29 Sept. 2017 / Ryogoku-Monten Hall / Tokyo, Japan


 28 Sept. 2017 / Ryogoku-Monten Hall / Tokyo, Japan

Benjamin Dwyer Guitar recital 

Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum / Special Thanks : Bon Koizumi, Syoko Koizumi